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Written by Amit Bansal, Forensic Accountant, ACFE

In the realm of skill acquisition, it’s often said that for every Master, there’s an Apprentice. Such was the relationship between Vani Prasanna Gutta (Mastermind)  and Vamsi Gutta (Apprentice), entwined not just by blood but by a web of deceit that spanned across continents.

Recent investigations by AFG Forensics have shed light on a grim development: Vamsi Gutta has been reported to threaten to take his own life and then blame the victims requesting their money back.  This casts a shadow not only over his family but also over the numerous individuals defrauded by the Prasanna-Vamsi schemes, suffering losses amounting to thousands of Euros.

Should Vasmi make good on his treat of suicide or self-harm then where condolences would be customary, the focus on recovery would fall squarly on the sister, Vani Prasanna Gutta.  

Vamsi Gutta, should you commit suicide, I’m sure I speak for all your victims, “may you Rest in Hell”

This story, diligently compiled by Amit Bansal, a forensic accountant at AFG Forensics, follows an initial expose published by the Irish Indian Chronicle

The Legal Definitions

Theft, by definition, involves taking something with the intent to permanently deprive its rightful owner. Fraud escalates this by encompassing wrongful deception for personal or financial gain. In this context, Vani Prasanna Gutta, previously employed at DMC Foods, emerges as the primary beneficiary of the misappropriated funds. Despite her assertions of ignorance regarding the sizable deposits into her personal offshore bank account, the evidence suggests a coordinated effort between her and her brother Vamsi to mislead and exploit their victims.

Unraveling the Scheme

The scam, masterminded by Vani Prasanna Gutta, involved non-existent job postings, fraudulent accommodation listings, and a fake foreign exchange services. Victims were coaxed into transferring funds to Vani Prasanna directly, with Vamsi fabricating and photoshopping Bank of Ireland screenshots as “evidence” of corresponding bank transfers. This deception was swiftly followed by the victims being blocked on Messenger and Social Media.

The Underlying Motive

In an admission obtained through an interview, Vamsi revealed that the stolen funds were intended to finance his sister’s upcoming wedding, contradicting his initial denial. This revelation adds a layer of familial pressure and expectation to the already complex narrative of deceit.

A Fractured Path to Redemption

Confronted with the consequences of his actions, Vamsi proposed several avenues for restitution for the victims, including direct appeals to his sister, who works as a Quality Assurance Auditor at DMC Foods (tagging CEO Mr Brian O’Leary).  Another avenue he offered was the sale of his sister’s inherited jewellery as compensation. Despite these overtures, Prasanna’s response to inquiries about her involvement has been non-committal, further complicating the path to justice and reparation. She has even deleted her LinkedIn profile but typing these three magic words in google “Vani Prasanna Gutta” still shows her LinkedIn thumbnail photo ie a happy lady with long hair, wearing an orange blouse, holding a turquoise colour phone and a black coat draped over her right arm.  We ask the question, if she is not guilty then why did she delete her profile?

Finally, Vamsi’s father in India had agreed to sell his plot of land.  The parents own substantial land and is open for victims to open a charge against the father’s assets. Unfortunately, the father wants his son safely back in India before he considers returning any money.

AFG Forensics reached out to Vani Prasanna Gutta over a dozen times and asked her why were stolen funds deposited directly into her bank account? Why were Indian students sending her thousands?  We asked if she was denying responsibility and if she was the mastermind of this fraud.  Her answer was simply “No Comment”

Legal Recourse and Victim Support

For Prasanna, the options are narrowing. With the Gardai’s active investigation signifying a serious approach towards legal accountability, the likelihood of formal charges appears imminent. Victims of the scam find themselves at a crossroads, with some adopting a passive approach, hoping for karmic justice, and simply writing off the money. Thankfully there are a handful of victims who are adamant that they want their money back and actively engaging with the Gardai, the Indian embassy and looking at all legal avenues to reclaim their losses from DMC Foods directly.

A clear message for the victims of the Gutta scam.  We are at a considerable turning point now as the Garda Siochana are involved.  If you are ready to raise your head above the parapet then AFG Forensics urge you to do the following

1. Message DMC Foods and and share your story and register your formal complaint for compensation

2. Contact Helen McEntee, TD, the current Minister of Justice with a view of getting Gutta’s visa to Ireland flagged, stopping them from getting Irish citizenship

3. Write a formal letter to Drew Harris, OBE,  Garda Commissioner, quoting  Gardai  Pulse ID 23728481 and 23700749

4. Contact Vamsi’s father on +91 99850 39393 and/or +916281337675

5. Write to the Akhilesh Mishra, Ambassador of India to Ireland, Embassy of India, 69 Merrion Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin-4, Co. Dublin, D04 ER85, sharing your story.

AFG Forensics continues to offer support to the victims, advocating for a proactive stance in seeking justice and restitution. This case serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the enduring impacts of fraud and the complex web of relationships and responsibilities that facilitate such deceit.

If any genuine victims would like assistance in writing the letters and getting their money back then please email  and we will assist them in seeking justice.

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